Air Conditioning Systems

    In Seven Air conditioning we strive every day to be trained in the latest technologies in refrigeration and air conditioning systems to provide the best technical service for your air conditioning. Many types of equipment already incorporate inverter technology systems,

      Which are controlled by electronic systems that control the power of the system achieving significant energy savings and more exceptional comfort in the air conditioning in the area to be cooled.

      Said each manufacturer implements electronics without standardization with what makes each manufacturer such as Fujitsu, Carrier, Daitsu, Dainkin, General, etc., create your protocols and your electronic modules for your air conditioners.

      In Seven Climatización we have our automated laboratory equipped with the best measuring equipment to diagnose and repair such electronics,

      Without having to replace it entirely causing the end user a much cheaper and faster than most technical services repair of the competition.


    Air Conditioner

    If you have an air conditioner with any breakdown, do not hesitate, call and schedule an appointment with us. We work Sevilla, Aljarafe and province guaranteeing all our work in writing and offering a personalized service for each client, in this way you will be delighted with our services. We wait for you!!!.


    Today the air conditioning sector is in an unfavorable state due to unprofessional intrusion. This intrusion generates a low level of qualification in the personnel of repair and maintenance in air conditioners, leaving most of the time the equipment that said people try to repair unusable.

    Contact us now for your FREE initial consultation so we can explain exactly what we can do for you!

    Highly Qualified Repair

    Seven Air conditioning struggles day by day to offer a professional and highly qualified repair, forming all the staff continuously in new technologies and attending congresses and fairs dedicated to the air conditioning sector as well as intensive training courses.


    In Seven Air conditioning you will find all the services you may need for your air conditioning, ventilation and refrigeration equipment. Currently, it has its technical assistance and a large workshop laboratory for electronic repairs highly equipped,

    As well as the set of necessary tools and software for correct diagnosis of Split type air conditioners, centralized air conditioners, cassette air and water chillers, without forgetting the evaporative equipment.

    We are currently distributors of various brands of the sector, but our technical service is qualified and trained for repairs of all types of brands such as Fujitsu, Mitsubishi, Carrier, Daikin, LG, etc.


    Our primary objective is transparency in repairs and personalized service for each type of client. We try to improve and improve ourselves in each of our services, that is why the score and valuation in our social networks are more excellent every day, thanking our customers for this information through the comments they make to us to continue improving.

    Repairs Air Conditioning

    You will need it, initially, to give the air conditioning the correct maintenance. They are the following tools: screwdriver, special liquid to clean air, gloves in case you need or do not want to get your hands dirty, a brush to shake and some towels which will help you to clean deeply.

    Each tool that you are going to use will help you to make the air conditioning easier to maintain. We as an air conditioning repair service have explained before, that you do not need various tools to perform this maintenance of air conditioning.