How much savings on my heating with a reversible air conditioning?

Most often, the reversible air conditioning is replacing an electric heater. Of course, it is also possible to opt for an air-to-air heat pump when you have central heating, but in this case, most of the time one will equip only one or two rooms of the house.

In this article we will focus on reversible air conditioning as the primary heating mode, to evaluate the savings on the heating bill. However, we will see in a nutshell what savings to expect when we decide to equip only one room of the house.

Choose your reversible air conditioning

Depending on the brands and ranges, the performance of reversible air conditioning is highly variable. Be careful not to choose a material too cheap … which in use will prove not only noisy but especially sparing. As a partner installer of Hitachi in Pamiers, we will talk here about reversible air conditioning that we know best: reversible air conditioning Hitachi of course!

Multi-split for the main heating

Since it is a matter of heating the whole house, the most common solution is to opt for a multi-split system: an indoor unit for each room to be burned, and a single outdoor unit.

It can happen depending on the configuration of your home; we advise you rather a several monosplits (with as many outside groups that there will be indoor units.

And then there is the solution of the ductwork: a single outside group, and a single indoor unit hidden in the false ceiling or attic of the house. In this case, the indoor unit produces hot air for the whole house and distributes it via a network of ducts.