Installation of an electric furnace

If you are thinking of installing a new electric stove, be aware that our certified electricians can calculate the heating load for you according to the area your home needs. Thus, you will have the best possible recommendations according to experts, taking into account your needs and your budget to spend winters warm!

If you are unsure whether electricity is the best choice for your furnace, know that the cost of installing an electric heater is lower compared to oil furnaces, propane or natural gas. Although these can operate in case of power failure, as long as electricity does not power their starting system, they are unfortunately more polluting. They can emit polluting and harmful particles in the air, not to mention that their energy is non-renewable.

After natural gas, electricity remains the most economical way to heat up. And no matter what type of energy you choose for this purpose, be aware that heaters account for 50% to 60% of the energy bill.